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Our Mission

Our mission as a long-term not-for-profit group is to continually raises funds for distribution of items, programs and approaches to reduce poverty and social isolation. To improve education and health services-, and to provide the mentoring, physical and intellectual tools needed to obtain and guide to maximum productivity the creative expressions of every child in the community including:

  1. Providing computer technology and modern teaching aids to the local schools as a means to achieve educational competency;
  2. Providing training as a means to prepare the youth for employment.
  3. funding small-scale industries as a means to generate income;
  4. providing public health and social services as means to improve quality of life.
  5. exploiting the capacity of the population for self-help.

Therefore, the goal of the group is:

to encourage, solicit, seek and accept contributions of services and of money and maintain , use or apply the whole or any part thereof to benefit the district of Brown's Hall and its environs. To seek, and to assist others to seek gifts, donations, grants, endowments and other contributions from individuals, corporations and Foundations

to carry on any activity and to deal with and expend any such property or income therefrom for any of the foregoing purposes, without- limitation, except such limitations, if any, imposed upon the use of such property, or any portion thereof, by the donor, the Certificate of Incorporation, or any other limitation prescribed by law, provided that no activity shall be such as is not permitted by a corporation exempt from the Federal income Tax under 501 (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and contributions to which are deductible under Section 1 70(2) of such Code, and that the group s not attempt legislation by propaganda or otherwise, nor shall it intervene in, or participate in, campaign on behalf of any candidate for political office, and provided, further, that the net earnings of this group shall go or inure to the benefit of any member or private individual.